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Co2 Larch ® 1As a contemporary Cladding – Fencing – Decking and Flooring manufacturer the aim of Co2 Timber® is to provide our customers with the best durable timber for their projects.

Siberian Larch (Co2 Larch®) with its natural resistance to decay and good density (Janka Hardness 4,900 N (1,100 lbs/in2)), coupled with a long-life span meets those requirements.

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Co2 Larch® is available as Grade A or A+ grade. It is FSC compliant with an annual growth that far exceeds the annual harvesting rate.

It is a sustainable resource and we aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and encourage sustainable practices.

Co2 Larch ®

Co2 Larch® Grade A

Unsorted I – 3 (few knots) is highest grade available in regards to quality and look, and BS 1186-3 Class 1.


A+ "Face Knot Free cladding" each boards being individually inspected to make sure they are face knot free before processing.
Co2 Larch® 4


Siberian Larch cladding can be treated (please see our accessories page) but with a durability rating of 3 (please see below) (BS EN 350 timber durability class) it can be left to naturally age.


Co2 Larch® Example of larch decking 3We supply to Trade, DIY's, Contractors, Builders, Manufactures, Architects and deliver locally and nationally.

If you can't see what you want on the website, or have any question please contact us.

Due to it adaptability there are thousands of situation which lend themselves to cladding with timber rather than PVC or alternative materials.

Helping you to Help our Planet


When selecting your timber type for your project it is worth taking in to consideration BS EN 350 timber durability class.

Durability is the ability of a species to resist decay either naturally or through preservatives. The Class is based on the ability of the heartwood (inner part of the tree) to resist fungal decay. The sapwood (the living outermost portion of the tree)is considered not durable and should not be used for external projects without preservative.

BS EN 350 has 5 classes of durability they are:-
  • Class 1 Very durable (Such as Tropical Opepe and Iroko)
  • Class 2 Durable (such as Co2 Cedar Cedar) Co2 Grandis
  • Class 3 Moderately durable (Such as European larch, Cedar (UK), Co2 Larch ® Siberian Larch, North American Douglas Fir)
  • Class 4 Slightly durable (Such as Home Grown (UK) Grow Douglas Fir)
  • Class 5 Not durable (Such as Sitka Spruce)

Class 1 to 3 can be left as untreated timber, a natural ageing process will accrue e.g. Larch will turn a grey colour. Class 4 and 5 will need to be treated with preservatives.

For further information see