Feather Edge

Co2 Larch ® Feather Edge

Feather Edge Traditional Cladding (Kiln Dried)

Standard length 3048mm (Also available in 4000mm lengths on request)

20mm/10mm taper x 200mm

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All Prices Ex VAT and DeliveryCo2 Larch® Larch Feather Edge cladding
Also available in 150mm please enquire for pricing and availability.

Co2 Larch® Feather Edge fine finish
FINE - Contemporary Smooth Look

Co2 Larch® Feather Edge Rough Finish
SAWN - Rustic Sawn look

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We offer all our customers as part of our philosophy of "looking after our customers" a feather edge board that has a very special feature - one face of the board is a SAWN finish while the opposite face has a FINE SAWN finish, this gives our customers the choice of a "Rustic Sawn look" or a more "Contemporary Smooth Look". Furthermore if you intend on treating your timber the smooth side will be a more accepting face to treat. If you have ever tried coating a sawn finish you will know how long it takes and how much treatment it takes. The smooth face finish will save you time and money.

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We deliver locally and nationally.

Our Co2 Larch ® is FSC compliant.

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Required Boards Calculator


Please note this is a guide calculation when placing order please give all dimensions required.

Area sqm      

Area: 0sqm   Board width: 200mm Overlap 50 mm*   Approx Linear metres: 0 including 10% wastage.

N.B. Orders will rounded up to the nearest even number of boards.

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