Larch Contemporary Fencing

Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Contemporary Fencing Slattedco2Larch Rainscreen cladding

Slatted and Rain Screen Fencing

22mm X 65mm X 3000mm

£2.23 per meter - £34.30 per Square Metre

22mm X 140mm X 3000mm

£3.69 per meter - £26.35 per Square Metre
All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Delivery.

co2Larch Rainscreen cladding

Square Edge

co2Larch Rainscreen cladding

Rain Screen

Co2 Larch ® imported Siberian Larch is a straight grained timber with few knots it is dense with good durability and resistant to insects making it the ideal natural fencing product. It can be left untreated or treated with a suitable exterior product. (Please see Our Accessories page).

All our fencing is supplied planed for a contemporary look.

Our Co2 Larch ® is FSC compliant. Available as slatted (open joint/square edge board), and Rain Screen profile. Both available in 65mm or 140mm widths. Which ever profile you chose the price is the same.

Rain Screen fencing consists of rhomboid shaped planed boards equally spaced apart to form a decorative fence or wind break.

Slatted or Open Joint panel fencing are planed boards fixed horizontally or vertically with gap between. You can mix and match boards sizes, or run in parallel to create a Valencia fence and wind break.

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Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Contemporary fencing Rain Screenco2Larch Rainscreen cladding
We sell a range of Osmo wood treatment colours and stains please see our Accessories Page

Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Premium shadow Gap Cladding

Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Premium shadow Gap Cladding
Clear Oil

Rainscreen and Slatted Boards Required Calculators

* Please note this is a guide calculation and includes 10% wastage.

Area to Fencing sqm Width of Board

Gap between Board mm

Area to be clad: sqm, gap between Board mm

You will need:

0 linear metres including 10% wastage or 0 boards including 10% wastage of mm width board

To work out the square meter (sqm) required please see our FAQ page or click here

N.B Minimum order value is £250.00 Ex VAT.