Rain Screen Cladding

Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Stains

Co2 Larch ® Rain Screen Cladding

22mm X 65mm X 3000mm

£2.36 per linear meter £36.30 Square Metre
Product Code RS-34SBL

22mm X 140mm X 3000mm

£3.91 per linear meter £27.92 Square Metre
Product Code RS-35SBL

All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Deliveryco2Larch Rainscreen cladding

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Co2 Larch <sup>®</sup> Rain Screen Cladding
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Rainscreen cladding consists of rhomboid shaped boards equally spaced apart to form a decorative fa├žade. Unlike most other types of cladding rain screen boards are not joined in any way which means that the resulting cladding is not waterproof, but allows air to circulate. Should a waterproof finish be required rain screen cladding must only be installed over a completely watertight surface.

The Rainscreen profile creates a orderly linear look which is ideal for Cladding older buildings or modern new builds, and can be fixed vertically or horizontally producing a highly fashionable contemporary cladding look.

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Co2 Larch ® Rainscreen Cladding

Required Boards Calculators

* Please note this is a guide calculation and includes 10% wastage.

Area to Clad sqm

Width of Board

Gap between Board mm

Area to be clad: sqm, gap between Board mm

You will need:

0 Linear Metres of mm boards including 10% wastage.

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N.B Minimum order value is £250.00 Ex VAT.